Tucker-McDermott Foundation scholarships available

DEL NORTE— The Tucker-McDermott Foundation has been working for the past year bringing their love of the Del Norte community out through generous donations to several organizations including the Del Norte High School. In the last year they have donated to places like the High Valley Community Center and sponsored sporting events like the Del Norte Tiger Football and basketball teams donating time and money to worthwhile causes.

The Tucker-McDermott Foundation will be sponsoring three scholarships for Del Norte High School students this spring. One scholarship for the junior class is named in honor of good friends, Donna and Pato Velasquez. “Donna, and by extension, Pato, have an undeniable love and passion for the kids of Del Norte. They have unselfishly donated so much time for the betterment of Del Norte schools and its students. We are privileged to be able to call them friends, but also honored to be able to name the first ever Junior Class Scholarship, the Donna and Pato Velasquez Scholarship,” said co-founder Stan Tucker.

There are two scholarships for the senior class. “One is named in memory of Michael McDermott’s mother, who passed away last year. A true stalwart of the arts and history, applicants of this scholarship will be given the opportunity to voice their thoughts on those subjects. The Claire McDermott Bradley Scholarship will offer the awarded student financial help for future educational opportunities,” stated Tucker.

The third scholarship is named in honor of Stan Tucker’s parents, Billy Bob and Chris Tucker. “Coming from a family of educators, with Dr. Tucker being a Regents professor in agronomy and soil science at Oklahoma State University, this scholarship will enable the applicant an opportunity to express thoughts on the role of San Luis Valley agriculture and the environment, both in the past and future. The Dr. Billy Bob and Chris Tucker Scholarship will enable the recipient monetary help to further their education, whether in college, trade school or other forms of post high school learning,” explained Tucker.

These scholarships are $1,250 each and will be an annual opportunity for local students. The foundation is looking to fund other organizations that help children and families in need in the Del Norte area.

According to Southern Colorado Community Foundation representative Jeff Osterman, the foundation has pledged to donate $30,000 to the Del Norte area, with hopes to increase that amount in the future as the foundation grows.

The foundation is under the umbrella of the Southern Colorado Community Foundation which helps small foundations handle tax documents and advise where to invest money throughout smaller Colorado communities.


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