Truth from power

Dear Editor:

The one person who could have stopped the mobs at the U.S. Capitol was unable to do so because it would have required him to speak the truth. Had the President spoken the truth and told the mob that he had lost the election it would have hurt his pride, but hopefully done wonders for the future of our democracy.

With the beliefs of our Third Congressional District Congresswoman elect, it makes me wonder which side of the door she would have been on. She joins the President and maybe 40% of the public in the belief that the election was stolen. That view was refuted by some 60 court cases including before the Supreme Court, and by the election officials in all 50 states.

It is beyond time for Republican elected officials to begin to become public in stating the truth about the recent election. It will be reveling to see how many do just that. Allowing 40% of the public to continue to belief lies about the election is a grave threat to the continuation of democracy.

Don Thompson

Alamosa, CO