To: Citizens of Conejos County

I have been part of Conejos County EMS, ambulance service for 36 years. I have seen many changes take place with the ambulance service but the 1 thing that has never ever changed is the dedication that CCEMS has for it’s citizens. We are a strong united family that has been thru many ups and downs.

Many don’t really know what it intel1s to take care of just 1 ambulance, and we have 3 ! It is an every day, every run process the crew has to do. It’s not just wash, gas up, air up tires! It is much, much more! From top to bottom, inside and out every time they have a call. Let me share a list of things that they do:

Rig Checks- fuel, oil, all fluids checked, air in tires, window wipers, check brakes, lights


Inside Rig - 02 tanks (main/portables) stretcher/battery fully charged, glucometers, lifepak

15 working and all Supplies, intubation kits prepared, backboards, c-collars, head blocks,

KED, vacuum splints, trauma dressings, OB Kits, Med Box & Narcotics supplies,

IV supplies, Gloves/BS!, Pagers, radios charged, clipboard/paperwork, forms. Everything inventoried and documented.

Crew- Certifications kept up to date, drivers licenses, equipment trainings, educational trainings, caring for the base, keeping everything clean, making sure paperwork is completed correctly, submit information. Staying rested and healthy.

Did you know that the stretchers and batteries have to be checked on a regular basis by the manufacturer where they were purchased, the batteries alone can roughly run in the $2000.00 figures to replace. The EKG machines also have to be serviced and they run in the $10,000.00 figuresand up. EVERYTHING must be inspected by RETAC on the ambulances every year and licensed  to run, if there is just one thing not working, they are not certified to care for Conejos County. It takes a lot of preparation and money in order to keep the ambulances running safely for crew and patients.

But first and foremost Conejos County EMS is a family dedicated to providing this county with the BEST SERVICE!

It would be detrimental to this county if we no longer had an ambulance service and had to rely on other counties to respond to our citizens, that would take extra time. Our ambulance crew have dedicated their lives to serve Conejos County, please consider your vote, because it could determine if a family member lives or dies. Vote YES on lA!


Debra King, CAC

Conejos County Office Manager