Take Care of Your Dogs

The town of Mosca has been a great place for people to live for years, with its schools, businesses and church. Mosca was also a lively neighborhood where everybody knew everybody. Over time things have changed but we still had the high school and a lot of activities going on. Community people were able to use the school buildings for many reasons. Several years later the new school was built north of Mosca, and the local school buildings sold for businesses. Our small town began to change, and the local people left to adjust accordingly. More people were moving in, and the town was also gathering more retired people which is good. A lot of residents like to walk for exercise.

In recent years our town has had an increased problem of unruly dogs also making walking in the neighborhood unsafe for the fear of being attacked. Some of us have come very close “believe me it is a helpless feeling”. You don’t even feel safe crossing the street to get to your mailbox or out your back door. Mosca has a nice little park with a walk, but you don’t feel safe walking there either. It is to the point of carrying a club or bear spray for protection.

The efforts of the Alamosa County Dog Catchers have been appreciated and of some help. Just recently a walker was seriously bitten by a dog that jumped the fence.

We all love our dogs and have them for various reasons, but we need to use proper methods to care for them. Please think of the safety and rights of others in our neighborhood.

Concerned resident,

Sabrie Brown