Snow blocks road to Trujillo Meadows

MONTE VISTA — The road to the reservoir in Conejos County where Colorado Parks and Wildlife has authorized a fish salvage is still blocked by snow. It will probably be two or three weeks before the road is opened by the U.S. Forest Service.

Those who want to fish or access Trujillo Meadows Reservoir should go to the web site of the Rio Grande National Forest and check the road conditions report:

The emergency fish salvage at the reservoir located west of Antonito in southern Colorado removes all size, possession and bag limits for all species of fish. The reservoir will be drawn down through the summer to accommodate dam repair. The reservoir is north of Cumbres Pass and Colo. Hwy. 17 on U.S. Forest Service Road 118.

As the reservoir is drawn down fish will die, so anglers are encouraged to harvest and keep all the fish they can. Anglers must possess a 2017 Colorado fishing license and can only use legal methods of take. Anglers can continue to harvest all the fish they catch through Dec. 31.

The reservoir contains plenty of trout and fishing should be good through July.

The salvage order, however, does not apply to the Rio De Los Pinos River which supplies water to the reservoir.

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