SLV low on the list that sold opioids

VALLEY — There is a database that maintains the number of opioids sold in each community. The Washington Post posted the database which reveals Valley counties have a low rate of opioids compared to other parts of the country.

The information can be broken down from statewide down to the county. The database also shows which manufacturers, distributors and pharmacies sold the most opioids between 2006 and 2012.

Overall, there were 1.022 billion prescription pain pills supplied to Colorado. Walgreens sold the most at 2.95 million that were manufactured by SpecGx LLC.

Breaking it down by county, Alamosa residents received 9.5 million pills in six years. Enough for 88 pills per person per year. Cardinal Health distributed 2.7 million pills manufactured by SpecGx LLC.

Conejos County sold 2 million pills, enough for 34 pills per person per year. McKesson Corp distributed 1.5 million pills that were manufactured by SpecGx LLC.

In Saguache County, there were 4,300 pills sold. Moore Medical LLC distributed 1,700 and Actavis Pharma 2,700.

There were 100 pills supplied to Mineral County that were manufactured by Pfizer Laboratories.

Rio Grande County sold 29 pills per person per year for a total of 2.5 million. Most of the pills, 1.7 million, were distributed by Cardinal Health and 1.8 million by SpecGx LLC.

For comparison, the most opioids sold in the nation were in Charleston County, South Carolina with 596 million pills sold in the six years. That’s enough for 248 pills per person per year.  The second-highest county is Leavenworth County Kan. With 118 million pills. That’s 226 per person per year. However, both counties have a Veterans Administration Consolidated Mail facility.

Mingo County, West Virginia does not have a VA mail facility and it distributed 38.3 million pills, enough for 203 pills per person per year.

The Washington Post published the information and it is available online at www.washingtonpost.


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