Second graders taken from South Conejos

ANTONITO—The South Conejos School District is working with Conejos County law enforcement to locate two second graders who were taken from the elementary school shortly before school started on Wednesday, March 1.

Elementary Principal Dr. Michelle Trujillo prepared a letter that was sent out with students on Wednesday to inform them of the incident and seek the public’s help in returning the two girls safely, according to South Conejos Superintendent Carla Archuleta.

Archuleta said at 7:50 a.m. on Wednesday a blood relative of two second grade students, who are twins, took the girls off school property shortly after their father had dropped them off.

Archuleta said the interception of the girls occurred in the foyer of the building.

“We were not aware that she was here to take these girls and abruptly remove them,” Archuleta said. “It was before school started.”

Those who saw the girls leave believed they were going home safely with an adult, Archuleta added.

When school staff became aware, they immediately called 9-1-1 and informed law enforcement, which is working closely with the school district, Archuleta said.

She said the district also hoped to get an Amber Alert out, but the process was more difficult than they anticipated.

“The law enforcement has been working with us throughout the day and has been very supportive,” Archuleta said.

The vehicle the girls are believed to be in is a black 2013 Nissan Armada with license plates suspected to be from Mexico.

One of the twins was wearing a teal colored coat and jeans with sparkly blue low-topped shoes and carrying a flowery pink backpack. The other twin was wearing a red Mickey Mouse coat and also carrying a flowery pink backpack. Both had their hair in ponytails.

It was Archuleta’s understanding that both parents had custody of the girls, but she was not sure what the situation was with the family.

Anyone seeing the girls or having information about their whereabouts should contact the Conejos County Sheriff’s Office at 376-2196.