Sanford School receives instrument boost

SANFORD — Music teacher Jamie Mortensen is ‘Bringing Music to Life’ in Sanford Schools. Denver University and “Bring Music to Life Program” awarded the school twenty-one quality instruments this year. This will ensure that every band student will have an instrument to use during the school year.

Mortensen stated, “I’m so excited to have these instruments to assist students that don’t have money to buy one. Having a good quality instrument is crucial for a student just starting. They will learn quicker and better habits and won’t get as discouraged. ” She began working on the grant back in February. While band is a required class in fifth and sixth grade, many students continue to play in the high school band. This school year the band had almost doubled in size.

While small schools often struggle to give their students the musical opportunities they deserve. Sanford Schools is doing all it can to improve its music program. Honor Elementary choirs, High school choir, and band are a few music opportunities available. Sanford is also starting the Sanford Glee Club and will begin practices in October. 


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