Saguache County lists marijuana grows; more approvals expected

SAGUCHE — At last week’s Saguache County commissioner’s meeting, commissioners approved additional conditional use permits to allow applicants to cultivate and extract cannabis, also to seed outside grows.

Land use administrator Wendi Maez released a complete list of the grows now in operation last week which include the following individuals/companies and their locations:

  • GHG, LLC, 17505, County Road 52 — four buildings totaling over 4,000 square feet
  • Chokurei, LLC, 60250 County Road T— two buildings totaling 7,700 square feet
  • Jon and Nancy Billingsley, 67085 U.S. Highway 50 — 5,240 square feet, underground grow
  • Barry Sullens/Kind Baron LLC, 14231 County Road 55 — one building, 6,728 square feet
  • O’Laughlin and Paris, PSP, 33620 County Road 58EE — 31,268 square feet, six buildings
  • William Myers, 1-11 LLC, 54464 County Road F — 10,400 square feet, one building
  • Lamm Ranch LLC, 17501 County Road 65 — 24,060 square feet, four buildings, up to 15 acres
  • Blumenheim/Cannaspire LTD, 60063 County Road GG — 10,000 square feet, one building, five-acre outside grow
  • KW Vending Management, 33752 County Road 58EE — 10,000 square feet, one building, nine-acre outside grow
  • Shauna Demoss, Stryker Industries, 12011 County Road 45 — 120,000 square feet, 12 buildings, approved for medical grow
  • William Vestal, Expanding Earth, LLC, 59568 County Road T — 22,065 square feet, three buildings, 3.5 acres to be used
  • County Road Z, LLC, Evergreen Naturals, 58301 County Road Z — 5,456 square feet, two buildings, for cultivation and infused products
  • County Road Z, LLC, Evergreen Naturals, 58239 County Road Z — 13,456 square feet, two buildings for one year, for cultivation
  • Tule Inc., /IKAR LLC, 14003 North Highway 17— 13,000 square feet, seven buildings, for cultivation
  • Brian Kirsch, 56575 County Road AA — 14,975 square feet, four buildings, for cultivation
  • Elaine Woodard/Cindy Hansen, 34093 Highway 285, Villa Grove — one existing building, infused products
  • Viridis/PM et al, 4573 County Road N — 2.25 acres, for cultivation and extraction

In addition the county has issued a total of 12 medical marijuana variances for those wishing to grow more than six plants at a time and has issued a total of 542 plant tags, Maez said.

Deputy Wayne Clark was hired in April as the county’s new code enforcement officer and will split his time between his deputy duties and code enforcement. Clark’s new duties will include investigating complaints and ensuring compliance, issuing code violation and stop work citations when required, documenting site observations and related communications, citing offenders and appearing in court when necessary.

The county anticipates a further increase in grow operations.



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