Romero boys back at it

ALAMOSA - Another Supercross Racing Season has come to an end for the Romero boys.

This season was one of the most appreciated seasons the boys have ever raced, mainly because last season did not happen at all because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Easton was truly at the top of his game and was gearing up for the upcoming National KTM Challenge Race last season.  He had the huge honor of being selected out of a very large group of talented competitors nationwide to race this particular challenge, when he received the devastating news that the whole Supercross and Motocross world no longer going to take place. He missed out on this once in a lifetime opportunity because he was aged out by the time the race world was back in full swing again.  This particular race is only for eight-year-olds and Easton had his birthday and turned nine during the season. Despite the challenges and disappointments of the non-existent race season last year, the Romero boys stayed positive and looked forward to the next season when they would be able to get back on the track.

That has finally happened and the boys have definitely appreciated this season. They both have been able to remain very competitive and have welcomed and absolutely enjoyed every race moment in this year’s season. 

On Nov. 13, the boys and their family attended the year-end RMRA Banquet in Denver where they were able to bring home several trophies again this year.  Easton pulled in a third-place trophy in the 65cc 7-9-year-old class as well as a fourth-place trophy in the Open 65cc 7-11-year-old class.

Stetson did not shown any signs of time off the track, as he was able to pull in a second-place trophy in the Open Mini 85cc 9-13-year-old class, as well as a third-place trophy in the Senior Mini 85cc 12-15-year-old class.


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