Romeo wins state waiver, water good to drink

ROMEO — Three months after all documentation was in, the town May 4 received a disinfection waiver, lifting chlorination that began after a “boil water” advisory was issued in November 2016.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment-Water Quality Control Division (department) issued the advisory due to the confirmed presence of total coliform in the distribution system and because Romeo did not maintain a disinfectant residual per a disinfection waiver.

A description of the event, including evidence that the problem was caused by low pressure due to a pressure switch failing to operate the backup pump. An adequate plan has been implemented to ensure the same failure does not occur again.

This followed a Nov. 28 letter requiring Romeo to submit a written summary of their investigation by Dec. 30, 2016.

Christian Boyer, town water supervisor, immediately sent in required information and the department wrote back May 4 that the town could retain their disinfection waiver.

On Dec. 12, 2016, the department received the supplier’s level one assessment for the total coliform event.

On Dec. 30 and 31, the department received email correspondence from Boyer describing the emergency
response plan updates and additional evidence of system redundancy.

It was also confirmed that, during the entire investigation period, Romeo was able to initiate and maintain emergency disinfection.

Based upon the information provided by the town, the department concludes that adequate justification
for the event had been provided.

The department recommended the town of Romeo retain their disinfection waiver. Haley Orahood, drinking water compliance specialist, wrote in the letter that, If additional contamination is detected in the future, the waiver would be re-evaluated at that time.



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