Quilt Show at Rio Grande County Museum

The Second Annual Quilt Show by the San Luis Valley Quilt Guild will be held from August 3 to August 14 at the Rio Grande County Museum in conjunction with the Covered Wagon Days celebration.

The quilters will show vintage reproductions as well as modern contemporary patterns, colors and designs.  They will show that the standard definition of a quilter is “one whose hobby or profession is making quilts” does not really define what a quilter is.  The show will prove that these quilters are artists using fabric, color, design and patience to make their masterpieces.

Quilts through the ages have been used for various purposes from the basic blanket for warmth, to art work and historical information about their creators.  Present day quilts can be displayed as art work with that being the reason for making the quilt.

The museum will be filled with approximately one hundred quilts of various sizes.  Each one represents hours of fun and hard work.  The quilters will also have small pieces at $10 per piece for sale during the show to benefit many of the charitable organization and causes that they help to support.  They have also donated hundreds of quilts and tote bags to persons undergoing care at the SLV Health Oncology Center.  The quilters will be present at the museum on Friday, August 6th and August 7th to visit with our guests.

For more information please contact the Rio Grande County Museum at 580 Oak Street, Del Norte, Colorado, by calling (719)657-2847, emailing at [email protected] or visiting Rio Grande County Museum Facebook page.