Pinnacol issues local dividends

ALAMOSA — Pinnacol Assurance, Colorado’s leading workers’ compensation insurer, is distributing $245K in workers’ compensation dividend checks this month to 254 Alamosa County policyholders.

In total, nearly 53,000 employers throughout the state — roughly 94 percent of the company’s policyholders — will receive a portion of Pinnacol’s $50 million dividend. Check amounts are calculated based on the policyholder’s premium size and performance. The average 2018 dividend check will be $944, and will be sent to employers in late March.

“Pinnacol is in a position to provide these dividends because of our careful stewardship of our policyholders’ premium dollars, as well as our policyholders’ commitment to their employees’ health and safety,” said Phil Kalin, Pinnacol president and CEO.



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