Older folks are powerful

Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Whatever time and space you are reading this, God Bless You!

Has there ever been a time where older folks have been needed more than today? Has there? I don’t know. Older folks are powerful. They have wisdom and knowledge that we haven’t even tapped into. Buried treasure is in them. Have you gone mining for that buried treasure?

What do you mean by buried treasure? First of all, the buried treasure is their information. Can you see how valuable their information is right now? What really happened in World War II? Where were the internment camps? I was speaking to one couple and they told me about the internment camp we had in Monte Vista. Did you know that? I know some of you older folks did. But, guess what? Many of us don’t know. You need to tell us some of this stuff. It probably surprises you how much the younger folks do not know.

How do you go mining for buried treasure/information from the World War II generation? Do you know there are very few left? Do you know they are in their 90s now? Yep. You better get going. Those people are powerful. Many of them were born in the Roaring Twenties. What were the Roaring Twenties? Go ask them. They were young children in the thirties. What happened that changed the world in the thirties? Go ask them. What happened in the forties? How did we win World War II? Go ask them. That’s how you mine for buried treasure.

Why would I go mining for buried treasure? You need the real story of what happened in those days gone by. Why? History repeats itself. You need to know how to respond. You need to know some tricks. Why would you want to reinvent the wheel? You can learn from them how they made it through times where everything was not smooth sailing.

What’s the other buried treasure besides information? It’s prayer. Your parents’ prayers, your grandparent’s prayers are powerful for you and your family. You are part of their bloodline. Your older folks in your family have authority within your family. I could pray for you, your pastor could pray for you, your priest could pray for you but it’s not the same as your parents or grandparents, aunts, or uncles praying for you.

You need the power of their prayers. The very fact that you are alive is God’s life in you. He is life. Life comes straight from him whether you believe in Him or not. They have the power to speak blessings over you. Blessings are especially powerful from the males in your family. The power of a Father’s blessing will help you. Uncles and Grandfathers can fill that place for you. And, if you don’t have that, then there is special grace for a Mother or Grandmother to fill that role or a person who has filled those shoes for you.

Be bold and ask for prayer from your bloodline, from those who have a special place in their heart for you. They love you. You will bless them with your request. Go to a deeper place of communication than just the surface talking. Go deep. Get real about some life issues you might be facing. They can help you. Ask for help. What you are going through is nothing new. Really, it is not. Ask for wisdom from an older person. It’s way better than a counselor.

God Bless you and God Bless The Mighty United States of America, a beacon for all the world.