New Grant and Loan Fund To Assist Small Businesses

ALAMOSA — The San Luis Valley Development Resources Group (SLVDRG) is partnering with Energize Colorado to administer a new hybrid grant and loan fund available to Colorado small businesses and non-profits. The Energize Colorado Gap Fund will provide over $25 million in total funding to boost businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Sole proprietors, businesses, and nonprofits with less than 25 full-time employees can apply for up to a $15,000 grant and a $20,000 loan, for a possible combined total of $35,000 in financial assistance. Applicants must be able to show evidence of the economic hardship their business faces due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Potential applicants are advised to gather documents such as bank records, profit and loss statements, tax filings and expense receipts, in preparation for their application. Application for the Energize Colorado Gap Fund is scheduled to begin August 1, 2020.

For more information, contact SLVDRG at (719) 589-6099 or visit the Energize Colorado website at https:// Interested businesses or non-profits may also sign up for email updates at the same website in order stay up to date with program information and developments.