Murder co-defendant hearing set

ALAMOSA—Alamosa County Judge Daniel Walzl on Thursday set a preliminary hearing for one of the defendants charged with conspiracy in the 2016 murder of Floyd Dale McBride, 52.

Naomi Olguin, 22, is one of several defendants charged with conspiracy to commit second-degree kidnapping in connection with McBride’s death. Others charged with conspiracy to commit second-degree kidnapping in the McBride case include Kelvin Ruybal, Theodora Travers and Devin Cooper.

Devin Cooper’s father Lonnie Cooper, 43, of Alamosa is charged with the shooting of McBride that ultimately resulted in his death on June 23, 2016. Others facing various related charges in connection with the McBride case include Lonnie Cooper’s wife Shannon Cooper, another son Brian, whose stabbing by McBride is believed to be the motive for the McBride homicide, Cristo Esquibel and David Silvas.

Olguin faces several felony charges related to the McBride case including conspiracy to commit second-degree kidnapping.

She appeared before Judge Walzl in Alamosa County Court on Thursday. She is out of custody and represented by attorney Janet Kinniry who made her appearance by phone on Thursday. Assistant District Attorney Ashley McCuaig represented the prosecution.

Kinniry told the judge she and the district attorney’s office had not yet reached a disposition in Olguin’s case so would request a preliminary hearing. Olguin has another case that will trail behind this more serious one.

Judge Walzl scheduled a preliminary hearing for Olguin the morning of Monday, April 3.