Mountain lion reported in Alamosa

Dog attacked in 1100 block of Alamosa Avenue

ALAMOSA– The Alamosa Police Department and Colorado Parks and Wildlife would like to advise citizens that there is possibly a mountain lion within our community. 

The suspected mountain lion has been near the Jackson Ditch and the last known incident involving the mountain lion was within the 1100 block of Alamosa Avenue where it attacked a dog.  Citizens are encouraged to report any sightings through the Colorado State Patrol Dispatch at (719) 589-5807, so we can work with Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers in our area.

This follows an incident on May 20 of this year when a juvenile mountain lion had to be put down near Childrens' Garden daycare center at 1304 San Juan, only a few blocks from the current sighting.

Below are some suggestions on how to keep your family and pets safe.

  • Minimize items which attract wildlife
  • Don’t attract other wildlife by feeding them
  • Put your domesticated animals inside at night
  • If you have something which attracts deer in your yard, try to clean it up or pick it up as deer are a main source of food for mountain lions.
  • Talk to your neighbors and children about being aware of the presence of a mountain lion


Additional tips or information can be obtained from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website at



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