Money tip for students

VALLEY — Make college more affordable by saving on intangible costs. When it comes to comparing the costs of various colleges, remember that on the broadest level, costs can be tangible or intangible. To save money, follow these tips from KHEAA.

Tangible costs include tuition and fees and room and board.

Intangible costs include everything else: textbooks and supplies; computers; and personal items, such as shampoo, clothes, entertainment, laundry, and other expenses.

Save money, sometimes a lot of money, by controlling lifestyle costs. That doesn’t mean skimping on shampoo, soap, food and doing laundry. But costs can be cut by finding sales or using coupons. Always be looking out for buy one, get one free deals.

Also save quite a bit of money by cutting back on treats such as entertainment and dining out. Doing those things less often will make them even more special.

Remember: The less spent on the intangibles, the less will have to be taken out in student loans.

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