Meals on wheels for essential personnel

Wood’ys Q Shack and Century Property Management teamed up to feed essential personnel. Larry Ortega and Marc Eaton keep pace behind the counter while Melanie Woodward (right) checks the order with a driver.

ALAMOSA — There is a reason that Kyle Woodward’s BBQ truck has gone from a stalwart in the Subway parking lot, to the resident restaurant at Cattails to opening his own location on Main Street. A quality product.

The medals and trophies that adorn the entrance of Woody’s Q Shack are proof of that. Thursday, Woody’s Q Shack teamed up with Century Property Management to provide that product to those were unable to quarantine during this crisis.

Darlene McCarroll from Century Property Management got in touch with the restaurateur asking if he’d go in with her on a “free day," the beneficiary? All the hard-working men and women within driving distance of Johnny’s Auto Sales who are considered essential personnel – including but not limited to truck drivers, law enforcement, first responders, medical workers and grocery store employees.

McCarroll financed the smoked and sauced spread while Woodward and company provided the manpower and the maintenance workers at Century made the whole project mobile getting meals to essential personnel all over the area. According to Woody’s Facebook page, they provided 230 free meals to those on the front line. Century Property Management and Woody’s Q Shack will be at it again on Friday getting free grilled delights to all who are helping to keep the wheels of industry turning.

Due to the already impressive number of pre-orders (104 as of Thursday afternoon), the trailer will not be posted up at a second location as they’ll need all hands on deck to take care of orders. Woody’s was sure to recognize Darlene McCarroll and Century Property Management, Coca-Cola and Mike and Janet Yohn for their part in making the giveaway possible.


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