McBride murder codefendant in court

ALAMOSA — Alamosa County Judge Daniel Walzl on Monday bound over to district court a case against Naomi Olguin, 22, who is one of several codefendants charged with conspiracy in the 2016 death of Floyd Dale McBride, 52.

Her attorney Janet Kinniry informed the judge that Olguin would waive her right to a preliminary hearing in county court and wait to enter a not guilty plea in district court.

In exchange for waiving her right to a preliminary hearing, however, the charges against Olguin will be reduced in severity with the “crime of violence” sentence enhancer removed, Kinniry explained to the judge.

Assistant District Attorney Ashley McCuaig confirmed the agreement to the judge, saying Olguin would be allowed to plead to the reduced charges without the “crime of violence” sentence enhancer if she chose to take advantage of the offer.

Judge Walzl bound the case over to district court where District Court Judge Michael Gonzales will preside over Olguin’s first appearance on April 18.

Olguin faces several felony charges related to the McBride case including conspiracy to commit second-degree kidnapping.

Several others are charged with conspiracy in this case. Three more of the codefendants — Theodora Travers, Cristo Esquibel and Shannon Cooper — are scheduled for court today. Shannon Cooper’s husband Lonnie is charged with killing McBride.