Juanita Archuleta

Juanita Natividad Archuleta, 88, entered this world on Sept. 8, 1934, the oldest daughter of Eufelia (Felix) and Joe Procopio (El Chota) Medina.

Juanita was a very active woman during her life. She lived a very full life.

Juanita is survived by her children Cecil, David, Shirley (Mike), and Sara (Daniel), grandkids, great-grandkids, siblings Esther (Cecil), Annie (Roberto), Linda (Max), and Art (Ursula).

Juanita was preceded in death by her grandparents, parents, children Sharon, Kathy, Toby, Joyce, and Joey, siblings Gloria (her twin), Thomas, Becky, Crespin, Verna, and Carol, and grandkids Eloy and Kazhia.

Juanita was a business owner and she loved dancing but especially the times she spent with her family and friends. As the longest living in our family she will be sorely missed.

Service is scheduled later on in July during our family/Lariat Reunion.