Joyeux Noel

To the Editor

This is in relation to the excellent article by Priscilla Waggoner in the December 23rd edition entitled ‘An Unexpected Peace with Good Will Toward Men". She mentions a movie made of this. The one that I have is titled "Joyeux Noel" done in 2005.

It is, of course, a fictionalized story of one possible scenario of the Christmas cease-fire of World I, but it is excellent viewing for the Christmas season. It depicts love in all its varients: father/son, husband/wife/, priest/flock, brother/brother, soldier/comrade. But there are also feelings of guilt and revenge. The music in it is beautiful. When the Scottish regiment bagpipes begin to accompany the German singing Silent Night, I still get teary. I highly recommend this movie know the Alamosa Public Library has a copy, or perhaps it can be found on NetFlix, or purchased on Amazon.

Patty Campbell