Injured motorcycle rider needs more surgery

The motorcycle rider injured July 3 in when he was T-boned by a car at the intersection of Main and Alamosa Avenue needs a third surgery on his leg.

Miguel Hurtado, 61 of Fort Garland, lost the lower part of his leg in the accident when John Overton, 63 of Monte Vista hit the motorcycle. He was first transported to San Luis Valley Regional Hospital where the lower part of his leg was amputated, according to a GoFundMe site his son has set up.

Doctors wanted to save the knee to give Hurtado more options when it comes to prosthetics. He was eventually transferred to Parkview in Pueblo for rehabilitation.

However, the day he was to go home, doctors found that the bone had become infected and he was transferred to Denver Health to try and save the knee. The infection had gone too far, and another amputation above the knee had to be done to keep the infection from spreading.

Because of three hospitals and three surgeries, Hurtado’s son, Gizelle Hurtado, estimates the medical bills are over $300,000 and climbing. The goal of the GoFundMe account is to get Miguel Hurtado into a “functioning prosthetic leg so that he can get back to being an active member of his community!”

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