Hope in the Valley planned residential treatment center buys county facility

Courier photo by John Waters The former Rite of Passage facility in Alamosa has been purchased by the non-profit group Hope in the Valley/Roofers in Recovery.

ALAMOSA — Hope in the Valley, part of the non-profit group, Roofers in Recovery, has bought the former Rite of Passage building owned by Alamosa County. The facility is located behind the Alamosa County Sherriff's Office on 17th Street.

The group purchased the property for $700,000 with a down payment of $140,000, according to County Administrator Roni Wisdom.

Hope in the Valley intends to renovate the facility and convert it into a 30-bed residential addiction treatment facility — 15 for men and 15 for women. The treatment center will be staffed with nurses, counselors, and support staff.

Alamosa County Commissioner Lori Laske told the Valley Courier, "With the San Luis Valley being one of the harder-hit areas in the opioid crisis, a treatment center was needed. I am excited that Roofers in Recovery saw the need and came forward with a solution. Hope in the Valley will provide an opportunity for San Luis Valley citizens to get treatment close to home.

"Alamosa County is happy that a long-time vacant building is being used to help our community,” Laske said.

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