Drought Resiliency Grants

The Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) recently announced that $76 million in stimulus funding has been approved by the Colorado legislature to support agricultural industries in Colorado. CDA and Governor Polis have been focused on securing funding for agriculture as part of the Colorado Comeback initiative, the state’s stimulus plan aimed to help our state recover faster and build back stronger.

As part of that ag stimulus funding, CDA will award approximately $1.5 million in grants to ag producers and other entities who submit plans for projects that help the state of Colorado anticipate, prepare for, adapt to or otherwise respond to drought or climate change. Those projects that can demonstrate long-term and widespread benefits will be the most competitive. Funding can also be used to match investments made in new projects.

Eligible entities include private individuals, partnerships and sole proprietors; private Incorporated entities including mutual ditch companies, homeowners associations, and  corporations; non-governmental organizations; tribes; state government including municipalities, enterprises, counties and agencies; districts including Authorities, title 32/Special Districts (conservancy, conservation and irrigation districts); and Federal agencies that apply with a state entity.

The deadline for submission is 5pm on Thursday, September 30, 2021. Applications must be submitted online via an application form which can be found at Agriculture Drought Resiliency Fund (ADRF) (google.com).

Anyone with questions or in need of assistance should go to the Colorado Department of Agriculture website at https:// ag.colorado.gov/colorado-comeback-agricultural-stimulus.