Debra Susan Seaberg

Debra Susan Seaberg passed away peacefully in her sleep at home last April.

She was born to Dave and Dorothy Seaberg, grew up playing basketball, softball, and guitar, and traveled the world with various friends and family. Her intelligence, kindness and love, but above all her sense of humor, were inspiring. Deb took care of her friends’ kids and went to school while living in Portland.  She produced plays and concerts, and was the sound person for community events and concerts.  She was proud of being on Naomi Littlebear’s album “Cygnus X-1”.

Beloved by her family and friends, Deb’s loyalty to family and general kindness brought her back to Alamosa to care for her Father. Deb often played a song she wrote called C17 (named for the road she took to the Hooper hot springs) and would juggle when she came to visit her friends children. Her music inspired and she was always supportive.

She was adored for always being upbeat and happy. The friends she met while attending Adams State University say ‘the main thing about our weekly calls was the laughing’ and recall she was always up to date with news, sports, and politics.

She always went back to the cats that she loved, Goldie, and her predecessor Shebe. Rarely negative or down in any situation, she was especially happy these last times after finally meeting members of her own family that were kind and loving. She was excited to find family that was interested in what she knew of the family history, and she was happy to learn new facets of her heritage, too.

A small service will be held at her home Saturday afternoon July 8 at 2 p.m.