Crowder works on behalf of veterans

DENVER — This spring Sen. Larry Crowder (R-District 35) has continued to actively promote veterans interests, uphold and advance the health and safety of Colorado citizens and improve rural telecom communications:  

On March 15, SB17-212 was passed within the Senate State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee. This implements the recommendations of the Sunset Review which eliminates the repeal date of the Colorado Board of Veteran’s Affairs by extending the board indefinitely. This will be a key step in promoting the long term interests of veterans and their families.  

On March 16, Sen. Crowder saw HB17-1094 relating to "Telehealth Coverage under Health Benefit Plans" officially become Colorado law. Sen. Crowder received congratulations on the final passage of the bill by Governor Hickenlooper at the official signing ceremony.

On March 20, HB17-1187 that called for a revenue change to the TABOR fiscal year spending limit was postponed indefinitely.

Commenting on the fall of the Bill in committee Sen. Crowder said “The failure of this bill puts rural hospitals once again in jeopardy and some will face closure. Especially when considering that the hospital provider fee - that was instituted by hospitals for the purpose of financial support to treat people for emergency care - is also under the threat of being cut. The only immediate answer to saving our rural health care system is to place the provider fee in an enterprise. Rural Colorado does not have the population numbers to sustain its hospitals otherwise. To say other solutions are available, and that health care is not a top priority is frankly ludicrous.”

On March 22, HB17-1126 which concerns a review of legal sufficiency of Medicaid appeals to prevent any unfair termination - or reduction of an existing benefit - successfully passed in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee.

On March 23 HB17-1174 which concerns the establishment of an exception for rural counties from the limitations on the establishment of a local improvement district to fund the construction of a telecommunications service improvement for advanced service successfully passed in the Senate Local Government Committee. On March 27, this bill successfully passed on second reading in the senate.

March 27 saw SM17-001 on preventing legal resident military veteran deportation unanimously adopted by the Colorado State Senate. In attendance for the memorializing, which calls on the President of the United States to support veterans who honorably served in the United States military, was retired Lance Corporal Manuel Valenzuela of the United States Marine Core (USMC).

On March 30, Sen. Crowder saw SB17-110 relating to the “Accessibility of Exempt Family Child Care” officially become Colorado Law. Sen. Crowder received congratulations on the final passage of the bill in to an Act by Governor Hickenlooper at the official signing ceremony.



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