Crowder shares capitol updates

DENVER—In the last two weeks Senator Larry Crowder (R-District 35) has continued to be active on a number of fronts to advance and uphold the health and safety of Colorado citizens.

Within the General Assembly and the Health and Human Services committee Sen. Crowder has been working on implementing much needed changes to consumer access to healthcare services by:

  • upholding transparent and evidence based clinical excellence SB17-151;
  • ensuring Colorado citizens have more money in their pockets through prohibiting a carrier from setting fees for a dental service that is not paid for by the carrier SB17-190;
  • offering increased consumer flexibility by clarifying that health benefit plans cover care services delivered via telehealth - which can expand access care for all Coloradans - especially those living in rural areas HB17-1094;
  • and ensuring that performance audits conducted by the State Auditor on client correspondence between the Department of Health Care Policy and Medicaid Clients offers readability, understandability, and accuracy, which will help to prevent medical errors HB17-1143.

“These bills that I have sponsored will help to make the health of Colorado citizens safer, easier, clearer and more affordable by ensuring the well-being of people across the state in both urban and rural settings,” Crowder said.