Creede Hotel and Restaurant rolls out red carpet

Photo courtesy of Creede Repertory Theater The Creede Hotel and Restaurant rolled out the red carpet and welcomed guests to experience an amazing meal and Cabaret show by the Creede Repertory Theater during the Fourth of July weekend.


CREEDE — After spending the last several months working to bring the old Creede Hotel back to life, new owner Shelly Dee and her partner John Arps rolled out the red carpet for the opening of Creede Repertory Theatre’s Cabaret productions over the Fourth of July weekend.

Guests from all over gathered for three nights of excellent food, uniquely prepared drinks and three different unforgettable shows put on by cast members from CRT.

Dee and Arp spent the past winter working together to come up with ideas of how they wanted to bring the old Creede Hotel back to life and through their combined ideas began what is sure to be one of the best venues in Creede. The old hotel is now offering some of the best food in town with international twists that are not to be missed. The diverse and delectable menu offers something for everyone and thanks to the worldly views of both Chef Arp and owner Dee, the entrees are literally out of this world.

“I traveled the world for 22 years and spent the last two in Singapore, so I wanted to have a menu that reflected my travels and thanks to John, we were able to come up with a menu that we are proud of. We have accomplished so much in the last few months and now we get to sit back and enjoy it before getting to work again after the summer is over,” said Dee. “We are so happy to see that every night, every show is sold out!”

Not only is the food fresh, but it also offers a chance to experience diversity through the many options on the menu. From delicious appetizers to like the oysters Rockefeller to dishes like the Jambalaya, anything guests order will not disappoint.

“John has been instrumental in helping prepare the menu for our guests. He spent a week with his culinary instructor to create dishes that everyone has enjoyed,” Dee said.

While preparing to open, Dee reached out to CRT Director John DiAntonio and asked if he would be interested in collaborating to create an outdoor venue for plays with the hotel and through those efforts the idea of producing a Cabaret came to light. Dee and Arp prepared the outdoor area next to the hotel with a stage, lighting, seating and everything the theater would need to put on a production for their guests and the results were nothing less than amazing.

The Creede Repertory Theatre is known nationally for its ability to whisk a crowd away and drive them headfirst into the imaginary world they so wonderfully create. The Cabaret at the Creede Hotel was born, and it will continue to take dinner guests on the ride of their life through comedic and brilliant skits made to please all who attend.

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