COVID-19 Vax Mandates: How it will effect you

The COVID-19 vaccination mandate is a hot topic.  No matter your opinion, it will affect you and most immediate - your family currently in a facility. 

September 30 was the last day that a person who was working in a healthcare setting, where vaccination is mandated, could get their first dose of the vaccine.  What does this mean?  It depends.  The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has mandated the COVID-19 vaccination.  Medical and religious exemptions are allowed.  A healthcare setting had to decide if they are going to allow a religious exemption or go 100% required COVID-19 vaccinated.  A 100% includes people who have been granted a medical exemption.

A religious exemption is also available.  However, some healthcare settings are not allowing religious exemptions.  If they are allowing the religious exemption, then they have to apply for a waiver from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE).  Waivers are not unusual.

Do you have mom or dad or someone you take care of in a nursing home or assisted living?  Or, are you getting home care at home?  Or, are you going to go into the hospital anytime soon?  If so, you need to know the determination of that facility/healthcare setting or business.  Why?  It’s simple.  Will there be enough staff to take care of you or your family after the end of October?

At the end of October, the staffing shortage could be exacerbated in healthcare settings due to the mandate.  Why?  That’s when the second dose would have been due if the person was injected by September 30.  We are already in a serious staffing shortage in healthcare. 

You need to know what was determined as to the mandate so you can anticipate any sort of problems in the care of your loved one or the care of yourself as you enter into a hospital setting.  You can have an opinion as to pro COVID-19 vaccination or against, but it doesn’t really matter when it comes down to the nitty gritty.

What do I mean by the nitty gritty?  If you have an acute appendicitis episode and you present to the ER for care and need treatment, you’ll need someone to treat you.  At the point your life is in danger, will you care if the person is vaccinated or not vaccinated against COVID-19?  That’s your decision.

If you have mom in a healthcare setting or are getting care at home, will you want her to only be treated by vaccinated caregivers?  You have to decide and make the proper adjustments necessary.  This is real.  You will have to make a decision and leave mom in the facility, move her to another facility, or take her home with you.  Something to think about that’s just around the corner.

God Bless Us as United States of America Citizens.  God Bless our great land whom so many paid a dear price to keep free!  God Bless you as you care for yourself and your family!