County reestablishes Northwest Weed District board

ALAMOSAAfter an eight-year hiatus Alamosa County’s Northwest Weed District will have an advisory board again. The Alamosa County commissioners approved the appointment of five board members at their meeting on Wednesday.

On the board are Jon Brownell, Danny Neufeld, Barbara Kruse, Mario Curto and Alamosa County Commissioner Darius Allen. It will oversee operations of roughly 200 miles of county right of ways between Stanley Road and Highway 112.

According to Jinger Tilden, the county’s building inspector and code compliance officer, the district receives about $16,000 a year from a mill levy. The account has an estimated balance of $176,000 right now.

The money will be used to buy equipment for the district and map the weeds in the area for the first time. There will also be a contract with the county so that their road and bridge department can borrow a sprayer or other tools if needed.

“There are some noxious weed issues that are taking place,” said Brownell during a commissioners meeting on May 10. “We need to identify where the problems are and would eventually like it to be county-wide.”

The mapping will make sure that they don’t spray on any organic farms in the area. Residents can also request to be added to a no-spray list.

The date of the first meeting and board organization are still to be determined.



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