County allows malting company expansion

ALAMOSA — In November Alamosa may be home to Colorado's first farm brewery. On Wednesday Alamosa County Commissioners approved Colorado Malting Company's proposal to have their own brewery and vineyard-style tasting room.

The company first started in 2007 when the Cody family converted their dairy farm to a malting facility. Breweries of various sizes throughout the country use their malt.

"Essentially a vineyard tour for beer enthusiasts, the experience will expose tourists to the agricultural practices required to grow and malt the barley, the brewing process, and allow them to taste and purchase the finished product," said Alamosa County Land Use Administrator Rachel Baird.

The brewhouse is planned to have a capacity of three to five barrels and a nine-tap tasting room that seats an estimated 35 to 45 people. It will be opened 3 p.m. to 11 p.m. seven days a week.

Unlike other taprooms and bars, this is a tasting room that only gives out small amounts of beer. When done tasting guests are encouraged to purchase the packaged product to enjoy in the comfort of their own home.

However, like bars, the Colorado Malting Company is subject to the Dram Shop Act “which makes establishments licensed to serve alcohol liable for damages if they serve underage or visibly intoxicated patrons which results in injury to a third party," Baird said.

Because the serving of alcohol is limited there will be no kitchen or food sold on site. Bottled water will also be available to drink.

Since it was a public hearing, Alamosa County resident Ron Brink expressed his enthusiasm.

"Tourism is something that's really near and dear to my heart," Brink said. "As most of you know I spent my whole life in the tourism business in Colorado. It'll be good for the economy of Alamosa County and for the San Luis Valley."



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