Council approves rezoning

ALAMOSA — Alamosa Council voted unanimously to rezone property located generally northwest of Clark Street and Maroon Drive from Commercial Business (CB) to Mixed Use (MU). The rezone was sought so as to make the property more marketable for sale as a place to develop multifamily housing or commercial properties.

The first hearing passed and Wednesday night was the public hearing on the matter it would clear the public and go back to council for approval eventually collecting all seven necessary votes.

The land has been for sale for over 10 years, with the only development to come to fruition in that time the Tractor Supply Company.

According to the brief on the issue,

“Modern planning theory has seen a shift from the segregation of land uses to integration of land uses. These mixed-use developments provide a great deal of benefits, such as;

Greater housing variety and density, more affordable housing (smaller units), more walkable neighborhoods, Reduced distances between housing, workplaces, retail businesses, and other amenities and destinations” and other benefits.

The proposal found a nice harmony by not reducing the level of protection for significant historical resources, meaning it meets Sec. 21-2-106(b) Historic Resource Protection and Hazard Mitigation. And being that the zone conforms to the City Comp Plan it also met  Sec. 21-2-106(c) Compatibility and Public Benefits.



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