Conspiracy and the election

What a week, right?!  This afternoon (Friday) I spent time putting my Mom and Dad’s pictures, and their stories, back up in my front store window.  They have been down for quite a while.  Isn’t it terrible when a person is glad that their parents are no longer alive…so that they couldn’t see what is going on in our country?  How sad is that?  It breaks my heart…what is happening….it’s almost unbelievable!

I am one of ‘those’.  You know…I am one of ‘those’ who questions the election results.  I do believe there was fraud, and cheating and who knows what. 

And now, I’m just glad that my parents aren’t alive.  I remember saying “time will tell” when Obama was elected.  I can’t outline any policies he made that made my life better.  I said the same for every President.  When Trump was elected, I said the same thing.  No one I know loved Trump’s behavior, period!  No one loved his twittering and tweeting, period!  But when I talked to many (not all) of my fellow business owners, they loved that he was trying to ‘drain the swamp’.  He was battled the entire four years of his presidency.  The entire time.

And now we will see what Biden can do.  Time will tell, right?  I will continue working.  I will continue trying to improve my community.  And if necessary, I will continue ‘whining’.  In fact, I am going to take pride in that title, anonymously given to me, and be the QUEEN of whining! 

I will encourage folks to be more active in local politics—very difficult to do with Zoom meetings—hopefully that ends soon.  Only by being active locally can we make a difference.  We all need to step up and know what is happening in our community.  We need to ask questions and expect answers.

I will be nice and respectful to everyone who doesn’t agree with me politically.  I will not call those, who disagree with me, names.  Facebook is brutal with name calling.  My Mom would have washed my mouth out with soap if I wrote what people are writing!  How does name-calling solve anything?  It’s pretty damn sad and depressing.

I will work towards election reforms, however I can.  All states should have the SAME election procedures—no exceptions!  In hindsight, we all should be wondering why this hasn’t been done before.

I am going to start raising more money for a wheelchair swing in Cole Park—with my friend Peyton Sanchez.  The Parks and Rec Dept. tells me they have tentatively planned for capital improvements (swing) in 2025.  That’s just not quick enough for me—not even close (detect a little whining here?).  That’s what I am going to do!  What are you going to do?

And then I am going to garden!  Before we know it, spring will be here and it will be time to get your seedlings started.  I am so getting geared up—seeds, germination mixes, peat pots and trays.  Heat mats, and domes and T5 light systems.

I’m working with many different members in our community who are doing community service.  We will be sweeping street corners in LODA (lower downtown Alamosa) and then slowly but surely heading north (that’s a change of direction, huh?).  These folks have been so awesome!

In closing, if my political views offend you, and you decide to never shop with me again, then I am sorry—for you!  I have a great store!  I work very hard and I do appreciate all my customers.  I don’t agree with all of them, but I certainly appreciate them! And I respect their right to have a differing opinion—because that’s what my Dad fought for.  Read his story, that is now in my front window.