Conejos County votes may change school board result

Alamosa school board District 1 candidates Andria Gay, left, and Kaylee Romero Gomez.

ALAMOSA– Unofficial election results posted in the Alamosa School Board District 1 election shows a tally of Alamosa voters giving Kaylee Romero Gomez 1498 to Andria Gay’s 1480. However, those tallies do not include an additional 34 votes cast in Conejos County which are included in school district totals. With those Conejos County votes included, Gay won the race.

However, according to John Waters, News Editor with the Valley Courier, election officials spoke with the Alamosa County Commissioners in their Wednesday morning meeting and reported that “for a variety of reasons, there are a bunch of ballots that need examination, etc. and they stressed the numbers are unofficial.”

According to the Secretary of State website listing unofficial results for Conejos, Gay received 28 of the 34 votes to Romero Gomez who received 6 votes, giving Gay 1508 (50.07%) to Romero Gomez’s 1504 (49.93%). 

The Alamosa County Clerk’s office would not confirm that total as they do not include Conejos County votes in the final tally until all elections have been certified. That certification is not expected to be complete until November 19.

Election officials said Wednesday that there are still over 100 Alamosa County ballots that have not been counted, primarily military and overseas, with an undisclosed number of ballots yet to be certified or "cured." A recount could occur if at least one of the candidates request it.