City to consider three different second hearings tonight

ALAMOSA — Alamosa City Council will entertain public hearings on three different prospective ordinances. The three ordinances separately will seek to create a Destination Development Position, adjust trailers and RV parking on streets and alleyways and prohibit camping on private property without permission.

For the City Council’s second meeting of the month, they have a light agenda with the bulk of it being filled by ordinances seeking final approval from the public.

First on the agenda, Ordinance  No. 11-2021 is a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Alamosa Convention and Visitors Bureau to create a Destination Development Position. The prospective partnership is seen as a helping hand to the Visitors Bureau after the havoc COVID has wreaked on travel and tourism. The prospective position would, as described in the MOA, “serve as a point of contact and resource for business and organizations for events, programs and alignment efforts. The purpose of the position is to grow the tourism industry through better-coordinated events.”

As of City Council’s May 19 meeting, No. 11-2021 will be funded by American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds and will cost the city $10,000 a year.

Ordinance No. 10-2021 seeks to limit the parking of trailers and recreational vehicles (RV) on streets and alleyways. No. 10-2021 is the city’s effort to shore up the standing ordinance which has had a loophole exploited as complaints to law enforcement results in a move of said vehicle a short distance. No. 10-2021 still carries a 72-hour grace period but also includes a stipulation of the distance to be moved for a period of time.

The final prospective ordinance, No. 9-2021, prohibits camping on public property without express permission from the City. No. 9-2021 is a tight rope walk to make public property camping in the city illegal while not targeting the homeless.

All ordinances are available for reading at Attendance is hybrid with both in-person attendance as well as Zoom at the link

City Council’s Wednesday’s meeting begins at 7 p.m.



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