City Council Proclaims May Historic Preservation Month

ALAMOSA -- At a recent City Council meeting, May was proclaimed as Historic Preservation Month. They did this because they recognize that historic sites and structures in the community are symbols of our heritage and valuable assets to the quality of life in our community.

These structures anchor our downtown, our residential areas, and the larger community, upholding the native character of our City and instilling civic pride by virtue of their very presence. Their potential as resources and attractors for heritage tourism is great. The events, businesses, and experiences these sites have hosted connect us to one another and form a vital part of the fabric of our community.

The Historic Preservation Advisory Committee was established on 7 August 2002, and since that time has proposed and had designated some 23 buildings in Alamosa. The first on the list is the President’s residence on the Adams State campus designated on 16 March 2005 and the most recent is Hobby Town at 709 Main St.

Buildings which are at least 50 years old or those with some special reason for designation may be added to the list. There are financial opportunities which can be considered with designation. More information may be obtained from the Public Works Department or the Chairperson of the Committee, Andrea Bachman at [email protected]