City Council agrees to wave installation fee

ALAMOSA — During Wednesday’s City Council meeting councilors decided unanimously to wave the $500 fee associated with the installation of a new temporary wireless facility.

The Alamosa School District held a meeting with communication companies Jade and Ciello to discuss areas in the community where students are struggling with remote learning due to access to the internet.  Both companies are working on ideas to address those needs. The school has received funding to be able to pay for the service to fill these gaps during COVID-19.  An area of concern is the Century Mobile Home Park across the street from the cemetery.

In order to alleviate this issue for the remainder of the school year with remote learning, the City issued a temporary revocable license to Ciello in order for them to place a wooden pole next to the cemetery where they could attach antennas that would provide the needed WIFI to the mobile home park.

City staff elected to waive application submittal requirements before the meeting as they were largely discretionary, as well as the $500 application fee by a 7-0 margin on Wednesday night.