Boebert unfit for office

I am appalled and ashamed that the representative for CD3, where I live, voted against helping the Afghan interpreters and their families leave Afghanistan. She is one of just 16 members of the House of Representatives who voted against helping them escape the Taliban. Please note the US had promised to take care of these people when they agreed to work for US forces.

The interpreters worked alongside our armed forces and, in many cases, saved American lives. It is immoral to leave them to most assuredly die when we leave the country. Boebert’s vote against helping these people shows her shallowness, cruelty, lack of integrity, and disrespect for the word of the US to our allies across the world. Why should anyone help us out abroad if the US then abandons them in the end?

Boebert has again revealed her absolute unfitness for office.

Elizabeth B. Kinney

Alamosa, Colorado