Boebert and the truth

Boebert and the truth

Dear Editor:

The Alamosa County Democrats were appalled by the threat to our democracy as displayed on Wednesday at the US Capitol. We do not condone the breaking of laws or violence of any kind. If the statements about a stolen election are not refuted by our elected officials, we will continue to have substantial portions of the public believing the lies which our President has fostered. Until elected officials come out in public and oppose the lies about the recent election, our democracy is at risk.

Since our recently elected 3rd Congressional District Congresswoman Boebert has been at the forefront promoting the lies about a rigged presidential election we need other Republican officials to refute her false accusations.

Alamosa Democrats were disappointed that she won the election, but do not claim that the election is fraudulent because we did not like the outcome. The voters chose and we honor the results.

Congresswoman Boebert should immediately refute that the election was stolen and focus instead on plans and policies that will benefit all Coloradoans. It is dangerous for any elected official to promote false beliefs for even a minute longer.

Signed, Alamosa County Democrats Central Committee

Ron Brink, Chair

Edward Vigil, Vice-chair

Helen Sigmond, Secretary

Neil Rudolph, Treasurer

Precinct Committeepersons:

Amanda Pearson,

Brian Puccerella,

Meg Dudley,

Elise Rudolph,

Regina Rice,

Robert Rice,

David Montgomery,

Aaron Miltenberger,

Elizabeth Kinney,

Charles Griego,

Jan Oen,

Wanda Brink,

John Stump