Amarah's Corner: My dear friend Ruth

This is my 170th column with the Valley Courier. The reason I have my column is because Miss Ruth gave it to me June 16, 2016. She is the kindest, most compassionate, true friend a person could ever have. Miss Ruth is precious to me. And, she agreed to answer some personal questions so I could share them with you. Miss Ruth was born in Belle Fourche, South Dakota, but didn’t live there very long. Her father was a minister, so they lived in several places while she was growing up including Iowa, Oklahoma and Colorado. She is the third of four children. She has an older brother, the oldest in the family, and two sisters, one older and one younger.

“I lived in South Dakota, started school in Iowa (Waukon) and then lived in Okeene and Muskogee, Oklahoma, until high school age. My family moved to Craig, Colorado, in 1974, which is when I started high school. I graduated from Moffat County High School Class of 1978; theology/journalism degrees from Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska in 1982; and a master’s in guidance and counseling from Adams State College (not university yet) in 1992.” 

Special pets: “I always had dogs when growing up. They were not mine alone but the family pets. They were all special to me. We had a dog named Zipper when we lived in Muskogee, Oklahoma, and he was a white and black dog. He was very sweet and would ‘talk’ to us.” 

My passion when I was a child: “When I was little, my passion was to be like Jesus.” “When I was little, I think I always wanted to be like my parents. My father is a minister and my mother was a journalist, and so I wanted to be like them because I respected them so much.” 

The most special/magical thing in my childhood: “There are so many good memories in my childhood, it is hard to single out one. My parents would take us outside to special places and I remember enjoying nature, like fireflies and rushing streams and wooded paths. Everywhere we lived, there was something beautiful in nature. As an adult, I have also had many good memories. Being with family for celebrations like Christmas is always special and magical to me.” 

My favorite thing in the whole world: “I like lighthouses because they symbolize light in a dark world.”

My favorite person in the whole world: “My mother was my best friend, and she and my two sisters and father are my best friends.” 

Funniest thing I ever witnessed: “I can’t think of an answer on this one, though I know I have seen many things that made me laugh. All I can think of is funny things my pets have done, like trying to talk to us or eating something new and not sure what to do with it or chasing their tails.” 

Saddest thing I ever witnessed: “My mother’s death… I have lost other good friends, but this was the hardest for me. I miss her so much but look forward to a happy reunion in heaven.” 

What makes me happy: “Being with family; knowing I have accomplished something, like writing a story I am satisfied with; and helping someone else.” 

What makes me sad: “Seeing other people hurting.”   

What makes me angry: “When people hurt others, physically or emotionally, and when people hurt defenseless creatures like puppies.” 

What irks me most: “Selfishness.” 

Pet-Peeve: “People that say they don’t need a microphone to talk in public, so they don’t use it but should…always use the microphone so people can hear you, is the way I feel.” 

Something no one knows: “Some people do know this, but I like action movies like Bruce Willis movies, not violence necessarily but where the good guys win.” 

Something I would change if possible: “I would make better use of my time. I feel like I probably didn’t use my time as efficiently or as beneficially as I should have.” 

Regrets: “Yes, many, some small ones, but one…knowing what I knew later, I probably would not have gotten married, but at the time I believed it was the right thing to do and the right person. As it turned out, he was the one who regretted his choice, which is hard to think about, but I have accepted it.” 

Something I would like to do that I haven’t done: “I would like to parachute out of a plane. That looks pretty fun, although scary too!” 

Hey, does anyone know who to connect Miss Ruth with so she can parachute out of a plane?  Let’s help her do this. Please, call (719) 937-1698, ASAP.  Stay tuned for Part 2 next week. Thank you, dear Miss Ruth. I love you. Remember, Jesus Loves you, and Jesus is Lord.