Alamosa Round-UP begins

Jerry Honeycutt of Honeycutt Rodeos brings in Old Glory to start off the 2017 Alamosa Round-UP Ranch Rodeo with a patriotic feel on Tuesday night. Rodeo events continue today with the Round-UP barbecue at 6 p.m. and Mutton Bustin at the fairgrounds at 7 p.m. The high noon cattle drive and parade will be Thursday, June 22, in downtown Alamosa.


Competitors were all smiles as they tried to have their horses carry two riders in the Ranch Rodeo relay race that was the first event on Tuesday night.

One of the unique competitions of the Ranch Rodeo was the branding competition, and it was harder than it sounds. There were strict restrictions for the competitors and even when they thought they had it right, the calves weren't going to go down easy.

Wild Milking was another of the Ranch Rodeo events. Competitors had to rope a calf and milk it while racing back to the judges to verify. To make it even more chaotic, all five teams that competed had to go at the same time.

The Fishtail team of Grant Koenig, Taten Koenigm, Blue Allen and Jeb Stoltzfus pose for a picture with Jerry Honneycutt after winning the 2017 Ranch Rodeo championship Tuesday night in the opening night of the Alamosa Round-UP. They finished all four events with a total time of 5:34.52.