A Letter To All Alamosa County Residents:

As members of the Executive Committee of the Alamosa County Republican Party, we wish to state that we do not support, defend, or encourage any form of violence.  The endangering of human life or the destruction of property is never an acceptable means to further a cause, support issues, or promote a candidate for public office.

Instead, we support and encourage civil discourse, informed public debate, the peaceful displays of patriotism, and/or the endorsement of issues or candidates.  We will continue to revere and uphold the United States Constitution as written and acknowledge the rights and responsibilities granted to us as American citizens.

We encourage all to join us in our efforts to stay informed on issues at the local, state, and national levels.  As the founders of this great American Experiment so rightly warned, an informed citizenry is absolutely necessary to preserve the freedoms and liberties we so cherish.


Terry Hammond

Denise Witherspoon

Gary Goodwin