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SLV science fair announces place award winners

Posted: Wednesday, Apr 17th, 2013

ALAMOSA — Following are the SLV Regional Science Fair winners, place awards:

Behavioral & Social Sciences

Elementary School

First Place — Juliana Lopez Vivas, Alamosa Elementary School, The Exercising and Memory Connection

Second Place — Abigale Sittler, Sargent Elementary School, Recalling Your Memory

Third Place — Madison Schiermeyer, Sargent Elementary School, Think Fast!!!

Honorable Mention — Jesus Rodriguez, Guadalupe Elementary School, Mega Marbles

Honorable Mention — Grace Alexander, Sangre de Cristo Elementary School, Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

Honorable Mention — Kriselle Dupont, Bill Metz Elementary School, Pick a Color! Any Color!

High School

First Place — Graham Oden, Monte Vista High School, CLUE: A Game of Prejudice

Second Place — Meghan Shanahan, Monte Vista High School, Are Rules Meant To Be Broken?

Honorable Mention — Skylan Tamada, Sierra Grande High School, Compass of Shame: Understanding how shame affects behavior outcomes

Honorable Mention — Jose Luis Macias, Center High School, Galvanic Lie Detecting for CIA Operatives as an alternative to torture-esque methods

Middle School

First Place — Melody Brooke Lipke , Saint Peter’s Lutheran Middle School, Coffee Break: the effect of caffeine on heart rate

Second Place — Wren Green, Sargent Middle School, Colorful Impressions

Third Place — Robert Duran, Monte Vista Middle School, Battle of the Brains

Honorable Mention — Kelly Witt, Monte Vista Middle School, Mathematical Music

Honorable Mention — Kiana Dominguez, Monte Vista Middle School, Hanna Jones Jumping For Your Brain

Honorable Mention — Claire Shepherd, Crest Academy, Test + Music = A+ or Not

Biomedical Sciences

Elementary School

First Place — Kristine Hoffner, Home School - Elementary School, If You “Half” to…

Second Place — Kendra Sears, Sargent Elementary School, Is Laughter the Best Medicine?

Biomedical Sciences

Elementary School

Third Place — Daniela Luna Centeno, Alamosa Elementary School, How the Dog took My Breath Away

Honorable Mention — Riley Lester, Sargent Elementary School, Bright Whites

Honorable Mention — Mia Garcia, Guadalupe Elementary School, Heart Rate

High School

First Place — Kelsey Lindbloom, Salida High School, Fueling the Future Phase 2: An Investigative Look into the Use of Substrates in a Microbial Fuel Cell

Second Place—Shelly Steinert, Sargent High School, Polymerase Chain Reaction Analysis on Gene GLI3, Causing Polydactyly in 3DNA Generations

Third Place—Brittney R. McKibbon, Center High School, Removal of Foreign Metal Bodies via the Process fo Electrodecomposition

Honorable Mention — Daisy Garcia, Center High School, Regenerating Planarian Under Neodymium Magnetic Fields

Middle School

First Place —Wes Seger, Sargent Middle School, Cleaning Lights

Second Place — Ty Harrison, Sargent Middle School, What’s Really on the Menu

Third Place — Allison Harrison, Sargent Middle School, Bacteria Slayer

Honorable Mention — Kendra Benton, Sargent Middle School, What are you covering up?

Honorable Mention — Samantha Sue-Lynn Bogle, Sargent Middle School, Nasty Navels

Honorable Mention — Harlee Pepper, Sargent Middle School, Vomit or Victory?


Elementary School

First Place — Surya Perla, Bill Metz Elementary School, Identification of Glodiotor Protein ( PR-3)

Second Place — Keaton Fischer, Sierra Grande Elementary School, Dendrchronology- Using Tree Rings to Compare Species

Third Place — Cameron Roberts, Saint Peter’s Lutheran Elementary School, The Effects of a Microwave

Honorable Mention — Kaeci Madrid, Del Norte Elementary School, Do Roots need gravity?

Honorable Mention — Hanna Mae Thacker, Del Norte Elementary School, Is Bigger Always Better

Honorable Mention — Eric Lorenz, Saint Peter’s Lutheran Elementary School, Which Liquid Grows Oats Fastest?

High School

First Place — Hinal Rathi, Alamosa High School, Love-Hate Bond Amongst Tubers and Elements

Second Place — Colter Bruce Carroll, Monte Vista On Line Academy High School, Can Potato Farming coexist with water conservation?

Middle School

First Place — Kelsey Kimberling, Sargent Middle School, Feed of the Future

Second Place — Nadia Hinton, Monte Vista Middle School, Wonderful Worms

Third Place — Syree Gunnels, Sargent Middle School, Intracept Concept

Honorable Mention — Kody Hanson, Sargent Middle School, Salty Plants


Elementary School

First Place — Nicole Miller, Alamosa Elementary School, Seeing Elements in a New Light

Second Place — AJ Smith, Bill Metz Elementary School, See Molecules Run

Third Place — Camber Kenison, Alamosa Elementary School, Marvelous Milk

Honorable Mention — Rodniel Rian Senson, Alamosa Elementary School. Underwater Fireworks

Honorable Mention — Kyle Dahle, Del Norte Elementary School, How Cold Can we go?

Honorable Mention — Ryan Astalos, Alamosa Elementary School, Crazy Crystals

High School

First Place — Alanna Chacon, Center High School, Arsenic Contaminated Water: How Can Concentration levels be lowered to promote save human consumption

Second Place — John Cheslock, Sargent High School, An Instrumental Analysis Investigating the Phase Change of Aluminum in the upper Alamosa River Watershed

Honorable Mention — Elise Rodriquez, Center High School, Developing Improved Ways to Sever Cotton Cellulose to Gererate Biofuel

Middle School

First Place — Jorden Gonzales, Monte Vista Middle School, Awesome Acids

Second Place — Cassidy Plane, Sargent Middle School, A “ Burning” Question

Third Place — Trey Jones, Sargent Middle School, Dueling Diesels

Honorable Mention — Bailey Haberl, Sargent Middle School, A Frosty Affair

Honorable Mention — Brookln Clark, Sargent Middle School, Super Rays: Testing the Effectiveness of SPF Values

Consumer Sciences

Elementary School

First Place — Aiden Clark, Sargent Elementary School, Going The Distance

Second Place — Brett Price, Sanford Elementary School, Hot Vs. Cold Sublimation of Dry Ice

Third Place — Clay Kimberling, Sargent Elementary School, Power for your Play

Honorable Mention — Cobi Thane Garcia, Bill Metz Elementary School , Which Packaging Material Is theBest?

Honorable Mention — Mareh Medina, Sargent Elementary School, Cat Toys Wonder

Honorable Mention — Jennifer Kay Johnson, Sargent Elementary School, Bubble Pop

Middle School

First Place — Alayana Akins, Sargent Middle School, Take the Cake

Second Place — Jacob Lowder, Sargent Middle School, Battle of the Burgers

Third Place — Trevor Milne, Sargent Middle School, Hot Topic

Earth & Space Sciences

Elementary School

First Place — Sara Nehring, Bill Metz Elementary School, Is Frosty a Snowflake?

Second Place — Desiray Tolsma, Alamosa Elementary School, Who is The Judge?

Third Place — Robyn Gossard, Sargent Elementary School, Ring-Tastic

Honorable Mention — Jessica Mitchell, Sierra Grande Elementary School, The Brief History of Dinosaurs

Honorable Mention — Mikila Jade Narvaez, Del Norte Elementary School, Volcanoes

Honorable Mention — Micheal Peterson, Sargent Elementary School, Bring Back Tracks

High School

First Place — Brisha Wakasugi, Alamosa High School, The Minnie Lynch: A Comparative Study in the Affects of Parent Material on Water Quality in Ephemeral Streams

Second Place — Emmett White, Sangre de Cristo High School, Erosion: Effecting Soil Quality Since Forever

Middle School

First Place — Molly Nehring, Monte Vista Middle School, Have you Been Mooned?

Second Place — Amanda Avila, Monte Vista Middle School, Are Your Stars Different?

Third Place — Josh Thompson, Sargent Middle School, Hawaiian Islands

Honorable Mention — Travis Joe McCarn, Sargent Middle School, Purified

Honorable Mention — Ashley Martinez, Sierra Grande Middle School, Geysers Understanding Earth’s Hot Plate

Honorable Mention — Zachary Sittler, Sargent Middle School, Crystal Fudge


Elementary School

First Place — Ryan Holland, Sargent Elementary School, Super Solar

Second Place — Nigel Cortright, Sargent Elementary School, Lego Shake

Third Place — Sam Clark, Bill Metz Elementary School, Which Wood Would Be Best?

Honorable Mention — Joshua Medina, Alamosa Elementary School, The Hover Car

Honorable Mention — Amethyst Jewell, Mountain Valley Elementary School, Victory or Crash

Honorable Mention — Zachary Rytting, Sargent Elementary School, Roaming Robots

High School

First Place — Jared Phillips, Monte Vista High School, Wind Turbines and Pollution Energy Relation

Second Place — Travis Keller, Monte Vista High School, Magnetic Bearings, The Friction Free Solution

Third Place — Bradley Wakasugi, Sierra Grande High School, The Value of Water: Understanding the Engineering Challenge of Portable Water

Honorable Mention — Brisya Archuleta, Center High School, Painless Beauty” Construction High Heels Without Pain or Permanent Damage

Honorable Mention — Genesis Villa, Center High School, Infrared Radiation vs. Thermal Conduction for Hair Permanence to Reduce Pili Damage (Part 2 with optic application)

Middle School

First Place — Leighton Burt, Sargent Middle School, Slick or Stick: Investigating ΅ (Mu) of Sandboarding

Second Place — Ashley Ramirez, Sargent Middle School, Take the Stink Out of your Drink

Third Place — Trysten Ogden, Sargent Middle School, Electro Magnetic Linear Acceleration

Third Place — Rand Kidd, Sargent Middle School, Photo Flash Powered Electromagnetic Acceleration

Honorable Mention — Sarah Mckenzie Lynn Sather, Sargent Middle School, Two Ways of looking at it

Honorable Mention — Christian Schaller, Sargent Middle School, Faithful Fish Feeder

Environmental Sciences

Elementary School

First Place — Nikki-Jo Albert, Del Norte Elementary School, Fade Out

Second Place — Tayler Miller, Alamosa Elementary School, How does thermal Energy work?

Third Place — Adrianna Mendoza, Alamosa Elementary School, Oil Catastrophe

Honorable Mention — Kynlie Pacheco, Del Norte Elementary School, Do White Candles Burn Faster than Colored candles?

Honorable Mention — Caleb Riggenbach, Bill Metz Elementary School, Where’s My Underwear? Testing the Biological Activity in Soil

High School

First Place —Tayler Ann Rocha, Monte Vista High School, The Successional Sequence of Water Quality and Marco invertebrates in a Playa Wetland System

Second Place — Carmen Ruggles, Center High School, Groasis Waterboxx: Understanding Methodologies for Tree Survival in Arid Climates

Honorable Mention — Rebecca Paez, Center High School, Using New and Effective Technology to Clean Up Hazardous Oil Spills

Middle School

First Place — Hannah Fisher, Sierra Grande Middle School, Understanding Estrogen Effects on Stream Aquatic Life

Second Place — Cortnie Hunter, Monte Vista Middle School, An assessment of coliform and pathogenic bacteria on the Upper Rio Grande (San Luis Valley in Colorado)

Third Place — Jordan Lobato, Center Middle School, Building an Effective, portable, economical water filter for developing countries and disaster situations

Honorable Mention — Stephen Clutter, Monte Vista Middle School, The Best Material that will soak Oil out of water

Honorable Mention — Blair Bagwell, Sanford Middle School, Austin Crawford, Whether it Weathers

Honorable Mention — Austin Abeyta, Antonito Middle School, Bringing Back the Cutthroat Phase 2

Mathematics & Computers

Elementary School

First Place — Brycen Hotz, Bill Metz Elementary School, Eathan Hotz, Oh, Snap! Snake Eyes!

Second Place — Brennan Gearhart, Sargent Elementary School, 3-D Dough

High School

First Place — Simon Shaefer, Monte Vista High School, Reflective Properties of Mathematical Curves

Third Place — Airik Garcia, Center High School, Creation of an International Data base

Honorable Mention — Megan McKibbon, Center High School, Hurricane House: The Mathematics of Tensile, Bending, Facturing, and Yielding on the Composition of a Steel Bar

Middle School

Honorable Mention — Melissa Bower, Sargent Middle School, Radiation Situation


Elementary School

First Place — Maxine White, Bill Metz Elementary School, Toasty Toes

Second Place — Eric Krings, Manassa Elementary School, Dry Ice Physics

Third Place — Nathan Garcia, Sargent Elementary School, Sticky Static

Honorable Mention — Kristen David, Saint Peter’s Lutheran Elementary School, 3 2 1 Launch!

Honorable Mention — Evan Stults, Saint Peter’s Lutheran Elementary School, How far can you go?

Honorable Mention — Jacob Montoya, Del Norte Elementary School, Magnets Strength

High School

First Place — Kevin Garcia, Center High School, Field Force Braking

Second Place — Christian Espinosa, Center High School, Extreme Forces in Football

Middle School

First Place — Henry White, Sangre de Cristo Middle School, Fact or Friction?

Second Place — Bryan Gerret Hennigh, Sargent Middle School, Magnet Man

Third Place — Harley Kincannon, Monte Vista Middle School, Splat goes the egg!

Honorable Mention — David Madril, Monte Vista Middle School, That’s a Knotty Line

Honorable Mention — Abi Walls, Sargent Middle School, Getting A Bang Out of Breath Spray

Honorable Mention — Camille Ruggles, Center Middle School, Friction Fashion


Elementary School

First Place — Amelie Pacheco, Del Norte Elementary School, A Home for Cricky

Second Place — Soren Kinae, Wheeler Bailey, Del Norte Elementary School, Humans vs. Dogs who has more bacteria

Third Place — Shyana Clifton, Sangre de Cristo Elementary School, Don’t Bug Me

Honorable Mention — Cole Christensen, Sargent Elementary School, Migratory-ous

High School

Honorable Mention — Andrew Rascon, Sierra Grande High School, Worm Composting From Scraps to Casts

Honorable Mention — Gabriela P. Bucio, Center High School, Itchy Itty Bitty Creatures: The Communication of Ants

Middle School

First Place — Alyssa Rawinski, Monte Vista Middle School, Just a spoonful of sugar helps the Nectar go down: Do hummingbirds prefer store-bought or homemade nectar?

Second Place — Colby Self, Monte Vista Middle School, What is that Owl Eating?

Third Place — Hailey Dennis, Sargent Middle School, Hoofology

Honorable Mention — Hunter Younkerman, Sargent Middle School, Run dog run

Honorable Mention — Avyanah Schaak, Sargent Middle School, Flip or Fido

Honorable Mention — Hanna Mitchel, Sargent Middle School, Worming Their Way Back

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