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Letter to the Editor:The state of the union

Posted: Monday, Apr 15th, 2013

Congressman Tipton, Senator Udall, Senator Bennet:

It has come to my attention that a refresher course on the True State of the Union may need to be given, so here it is; the figures presented below are staggering, but none the less true. Please endure the boredom for my sake and stay with me.

In 2008 America spent 38 billion on food stamps. In 2013 America will spend 82 billion, with more people on food stamps than in the entire country of Spain. In 2008 America for all its debauchery had a relatively stable and secure currency (the dollar). In 2013 America and her dollar are now in great peril, as the Federal Reserve has printed close to 6 trillion dollars out of thin air to purchase our debt thereby placing the value of US currency (our 1s, 5s, 10s, 20s, 50s, and 100s, together with our chump change) in extreme danger. In 2008 the American dollar was the undisputed Reserve Currency Queen of the world and was not really in question. In 2013 Americaís future Reserve Currency status is now in question as China together with numerous other countries has begun to regularly trade outside the dollar. In 2008 America had a working annual budget at the Federal Level with its spending for the most part plainly seen. In 2013 America no longer has a working annual budget at the Federal Level, (for 4 years going on year 5) with its spending continually hidden within Continuing Resolutions which fund the government for several months at a time. In 2008 American Healthcare and the implementation of it was still more or less an individualís choice. In 2013 American Healthcare will most likely eventually be government run thereby taking away much of the individualís choice (not to mention further bankrupting the government as Obama Care is implemented). In 2008 America was 10 Trillion Dollars in Federal debt and counting. In 2013 America is over 17 trillion dollars in Federal debt and counting with the vast majority of additional debt (since 2008) being bought with money printed out of thin air by the Federal Reserve because once again we can no longer sell any sizable amount of that debt. In 2008 America could sell close to 100% of its annual deficits or debt in the form of Treasures to other peoples and countries. In 2013 America can only sell around 10% of its new annual deficits or debt in treasuries to other peoples and countries printing and then purchasing the other 90% it canít sell. In 2008 in America the Federal Government was running 3 to 4 hundred billion dollar annual deficits with no end in sight. In 2013 in America the Federal government is now running 1.4 to 1.7 trillion dollar annual deficits with no end in sight (going on year 5). In 2008 in America many forms of ammunition were still widely available to the general public for their consumption. In 2013 in America a fair amount of small arms ammunition is in short supply to the American Public (the Federal Government continuing to buy up the vast majority of the available stores of such ammunition). In 2008 America still adhered to the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution thereby guarantying an individualís right to bear arms. In 2013 the Senate is currently considering an amendment or adjustment to modify the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution and this without holding a Constitutional Convention as specified by law.

Finally in 2008 America was more or less a Constitutional Republic, with its representatives being democratically elected and then in general governed by a constitution (at least on the surface). In 2013 Americans no longer live in a Constitutional Republic but reside instead in a weak democracy, with its elected representatives more or less often ignoring (even blatantly for all to see) the very Constitution that they took an oath to uphold. Honorable Congressman and Senators let us all prepare for what is coming and hunker down and put on our Tin Hats, for this is the True State of the Union.

Steven Howard

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