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Letter to the Editor: San Luis Valley mirrors national time of greed and need

Posted: Tuesday, Jan 22nd, 2013

I am writing this letter to you, in hopes that someone may be listening and that through my words and GODíS grace, I may either obtain help to improve myself and current life circumstances, or perhaps at least direct another to help find new direction.

I am a 32 year old San Luis Valley native, though I have not lived my entire life here, this area is where I have spent the majority of my life. I was born at the San Luis Valley Regional Medical Center, on July 22, 1980. My grandmother, who is old and feeble, now, immigrated to the United States from England, post-World War II. When she arrived here, our country was thriving with opportunity and hope, abundant in new industry and job availability.

I was raised most of my early childhood, in Romeo Colorado, where my grandparents owned a once thriving, and agriculturally rich farm, until recently when old age set in to such a great degree, that they were forced to sell the property.

Over the last 20 years, the San Luis Valley has gone from an ideal region to raise a family, and scout for new career opportunity, to a cesspool of desperation and despair, where one man alone is lucky, blessed by GOD if you will, to be afforded the proper resources in order to feed and clothe himself.

Just like our nationís economy, the general productiveness of this Valleyís local economy, has had its ups and downs. However, I have never, in my short 32 years seen the sort of desperation in the eyes of its residents as what I see today.

Granted this Valley is not vast, and beaming with new business every week, providing new work opportunity for local families, in order to sustain shelter and food for themselves and their families. This Valley has enough goods and services, being bought and sold in our small communities, that in my opinion, there is no reason families should be completely going without.

Such as the case may be, especially now at such a crucial time of year, in the dead of winter, at a time when employment is needed the most, at what point will the local, as well as national one percent, the business owners and wealthy denote the critical living situations, of so many local individuals, and just as many families, and say ďhey, I canít help them all, but I can help you, and you!Ē and bond together as a community under GOD, in these insufferable times of need, in order to help those in need tend to, and care for themselves. Rather than relying on state money, that our more than seven trillion dollar national deficit canít really afford to supply, and the graceful handouts from local Churches, GOD bless them, when it is all they can do to keep the Churchís head afloat.

I myself am a certified Automotive Service Technician, with many other college credits in different subjects under my belt, and I have been struggling since last May to secure and maintain, even minimal employment, to pay for my own living expenses, which might I add arenít much, however they are enough, that if not able to be taken care of, with GODíS blessings and grace, I like so many others, in this age of the prince of darkness, will find myself sleeping under a bridge in below freezing temperatures, or worse dead.

We as a nation and more so as a community, have lost sight of the morals of our forefathers, and have abandoned our communities to fall apart in the hands of desperation. Once, we ďloved our neighbors, as ourselvesĒ, and were ever so eager to help a man or a woman in times of need. At this point in time, it is a miracle, if families, save for those of church communities, GODíS own elect, even have a second thought to the well-being of their own kin. What a disgrace to our Lord.

As a result our communities are becoming infested with drugs that are destroying whole families, to ensure financial security for the greed of men. People are robbing, stealing and killing each other, in order to survive, and the epidemic does nothing but continue to get worse.

With this in mind, I must ask, when will we, as a community, as a nation, open our eyes and our hearts to the disarray of our peoples suffering, look back to the Lord, and extend a hand of help to pull our community members near and out of the outlying darkness, GOD willing, and begin helping them to help themselves. In the process we may be able to start building a once vibrant workforce and economy back up, in turn helping our deceitful politicians to eliminate the overflow of national debt, we are now suffering in.

The only answer is GOD, only those with true faith in our Lord have the strong foundation for hope in an abundant future, even then it all takes time. However, if we as a loving community were more vigilant in helping one another, GOD be willing, perhaps we could achieve together, a goal of strength and abundance, without too many lost or destroyed lives and families.

We must stand as a NATION under GOD!! I pray every day to know GODíS will, and to receive his blessings, and now I am extending my hand, in desperate need for gainful employment, to our community, like so many others.

I am but one man, however, I am hopeful through GODíS grace, that perhaps this one man may serve as an example for those whom love GOD, to the kind of success one may achieve through unity, and community love and support.

In closing if anyone out there can put me to work; I pray that my Lord put it on your heart to extend a hand that can help me and so many others out there hurting, to find hope and security in the times of desperate circumstances. Keep your heart in the Lord. Thank You.

Jason Eric Robins

1560 12th St. # 15

Alamosa 81101


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